Batch Dryers

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Batch Dryers
A ceramic dryer is designed to run pieces subject to different elements:

- The morphlogy 
- Heterogeneity of thickness
- Composition of raw material
- Humidity on shaping 
- Shrinkage (Bigot Diagram) 
- Stiking for body and rim 
- Weight 
- Tenson due to gravity
- Defects of moldels
- Type of supports

The peculiarity of our dryer, comparing with our competitors, is that our machine is designed to dry any type of piece instead of adapting the pieces to the dryer. A typical example is that normally the pieces are subject to stand in a pre-drying process before entering the very dryer as it happens with machines working with rotating fan cones, since they are not able to process with high humidity content.
The PC-PLC management system and the supervisor graphic allow complete programming and management of the operating program with an innumerable set of function parameters on PIDs, equipment, alarms, as well as a data store and any remote connection.
Full Remote Control.

MAIN FEATURES OF THE DRYERS (also Alternative Blow System)

A = Perfect homogeneity of air distribution inside the dryers that "wraps" the pieces in the HORIZONTAL direction. As we can see from the diagram, the air flow passes through the micro-perforated sheets (static distribution) guaranteeing homogeneity in the distribution already at 20cm. from the distributor.
B = Perfect control of thermodynamic values of temperature (°C) and relative humidity (RH%). An Hight pressur generator of micronebulization particles of water vapor < 10µ is intalled.
C = High efficency, 400÷600 Volume/h ricycled.
D = Dossibility to dry the pieces immediately after the "demoulding process"  
E = Possible solution with gas or with hot water circuit or Energy recovery from the kiln.
F = The programming of the air velocity curve for particularly "complex" pieces is possible at the beginning of the cycle.